Living in Fear

Some victims feel that isolation is the easy path. Ms. Faith would agree. When the TRS team first called her to provide assistance, she would not pick up the phone. She had received so many calls from many counties from different people, some that could possibly jeopardize here safety even more, and she thought about it all the time.”Its the fear of being tracked that makes me want to just throw this phone away” she said. “I have my brother wounded and dying, no peace, and nowhere to run to, please I am begging you, tell them not to call me again, I don’t need any more phone calls, I am too afraid even to accept your support…”. Although both men and women, boys and girls, grandmothers and grandfathers are victims, a disproportionately higher number of those who report fear and anxiety in receiving support are women. Living in an unknown and ongoing brutal situation is more difficult than most people
can even imagine.

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