Accurate statistics on the number of victims and refugees that we have assisted would be difficult to establish. TRS continues to implement the snow ball effect to reach out to other victims in remote regions in Southern Cameroons and displaced in neighboring countries. As a humanitarian organization, mothers, sisters and Women, we will NOT STOP […]

What a TRS Mother Can Expect from a Victim before calling

Trauma and shock of any kind, especially following death or injury affects people in different ways some victim may be sad and tearful while others may be worried and fearful. However, ALL victims appreciate the fact that someone CARES. To add, the fact that everyone has their own reaction and coping style, it is easy […]

Expected of Our TRS Mothers

• Listen without interruption and judgment to victims stories • Help victims or family member identify feelings about the situation and it’s realities • Understand and identify the extreme danger victims have been in, and could face again Guide victims in learning about TRF support and resources available to them • Help victim to identify […]

The Cycle of Fear is one of the Greatest Challenges

Understanding the cyclic nature of our victims, their condition and support system is helpful to understanding how some victims have become caught up in a potentially never ending life of fear, anger and anxiety. Essentially, TRS mothers engage, involve and build-up hope and relief victims and their families of violent ruminations. Our authentic efforts releases […]

Understanding the Psychology, Trauma or Shock of Victims

The first step that TRS mothers can take in understanding the predicament of the victim is to understand his or her psychological state. The following are some characteristics red flags often exhibited by victims: • Timidity, jumpiness, anxiousness • Obedience, submissiveness • Depression, despair • Feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness…Feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness, worthlessness, humiliation, Truancy, […]

Living in Fear

Some victims feel that isolation is the easy path. Ms. Faith would agree. When the TRS team first called her to provide assistance, she would not pick up the phone. She had received so many calls from many counties from different people, some that could possibly jeopardize here safety even more, and she thought about […]