Our events are mainly fundraising events. We are supported through the donations of compassionate individuals who hear about the Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonian crisis and its impact on the population. Our first fundraising event was spontaneous. When LRC started shooting and killing innocent citizens on September 22 nd 2017, we were still baffled and did not know how to react. On October 22 nd 2017 when Southern Cameroonians came together in Washington DC to celebrate Independence Day, the pictures of the pogrom that came through the internet were overwhelming. So, we transformed the Independence Day celebration into a funeral event and asked citizens to donate on the spot so that we could begin to bury the dead and help heal the wounded.

We have organized two other fund raising events after that. We also send fliers through social media asking for funds and sometimes we make short videos to reach out to potential donors. We do not receive any money from governments and other potential partners yet. Although we are a registered organization, we do not yet have a 501C3 status, but we are working on that. When that status is complete, we hope that our financial situation may improve. Right now, the needs, outweigh our resources. 100% of our resources goes to relief. We do not use any donations for overhead costs, or for stipends.
In our short existence, we have distinguished ourselves with transparency and accountability